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What if responsibility were normal?

Doing is like wanting, just more extreme. So the saying goes. We are doers. And we think we’re pretty good at it. But we want to do so much more.

Because we think taking responsibility should be the norm. Environmental protection is a normal part of our day-to-day work. Integrating refugees into our company is a normal part of our culture. And we are very pleased about it. We have anchored diversity, inclusivity and human rights deep in our core.

I'm excited about how everyone brings their own skills and specialties and how we can achieve so much more together than in isolation.

Julia, Senior Project Management

Helping others makes us stronger.

An optimistic future for everyone.

Since 2015, we have been working closely with integration experts at the Regional Refugee Assistance Group and with the Caritas charity. Together, we have succeeded in integrating people who have had to flee their country into our company as skilled workers. We are very grateful for the way in which they are enriching our company, both professionally and culturally. And we are pleased to be operating for the benefit of society as a whole while mapping out a positive HR future for our company.

Environmental management

What if environmental protection were a daily routine?

We hope to see the day when companies no longer write about what they’re doing about environmental protection on their websites. Because by then it will have become normal. Taken for granted. At feno, environmental protection has long been a standard part of our work processes. Needless to say, we have closed recycling systems, for example for PMMA plastics, solder and wooden pallets. And needless to say, we have a returnable packaging concept in which we produce our own packaging for our regular customers which is in permanent circulation between them and us. Zero waste.

Working at feno means working noise-free and emission-free. Of course, we recirculate heat from the equipment and use it for space heating to reduce our heating costs. The air in our production facilities is filtered and acts like natural air conditioning. Our highly qualified trained environmental management officer conducts regular energy audits. All this means we have been able to reduce our electricity, gas and fuel consumption year after year. One day, you won’t be able to find this section on our website. That will make us very happy.

Returnable packaging and a cycling initiative. Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.

Bee sponsorship

Rays of sunshine to snack

Good honey is like a glass full of sunshine. We support the beekeeper, Andreas Sommer from Taufkirchen and his bees. We think the community's hardest workers should be rewarded. Andreas' employees delight us with their creation "Fruit Blossom": Apple, pear and cherry, with some maple and finely tuned with a pinch of rapeseed. Only the summer bees know the exact recipe.


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