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Welcome to light sorcery

Live your own life. Just the way you want. We want to make it happen for you. Let’s find your working model together. We’ve come up with a few neat ideas – even in production with its fixed working hours. All designed so that work, family, sport and everything else that is important to you has its rightful place in your life. And so you can look after your health, continue to develop as a person and simply enjoy going to work.

What if light were a feeling? You need to feel good to work with light and all its effects. So we have built a solid feel-good foundation.

A tour of feno

From Turrell to Kandinsky in 30 seconds


An award-winning employer

In 2022 we won the Top 100 Award as one of the most innovative companies in Germany

  • Mobile working
  • Company sports teams
  • Family friendly
  • Tailored on-the-job training
  • Performance bonuses
  • Flexible working hours
  • Interest-free loans
  • Company pension
  • Lateral entry option

A pleasant working atmosphere in production

Our production staff play a special role for us. This is where our light sees the world. That's why we lead while others follow. Everyone in production is bathed in daylight, working in conditions that are almost entirely emission-free and noise-free. What’s more, our production facilities are extremely clean, as are the communal areas. Everyone gets personal induction training. Everyone has regulated working hours. Everyone has a secure job in our family-run business. And everyone helps to keep it that way.

Of course, we have to have fixed working hours in production. But wherever possible we make sure that everyone in production regularly switches to another machine or measuring station so their work is always varied. At feno, everyone gets a wealth of experience in electronics manufacturing to stand them in good stead for the rest of their professional life. And let’s not forget that we have a bus stop right outside our door, and Furth S-Bahn station (S3) is a ten minute walk away. So convenient.

We want you to look after your health

So we offer an extensive fitness program: a bouldering wall in the production hall, time off each week for back exercises with a trainer, and an ergonomic workplace.

For us, the family is sacred

We are an active member of the “Success Factor Family” initiative, offer child care subsidies and work with each individual to develop their own working time model. Because we care about people. The people who are with us every day – and therefore also the people waiting for them at home.

Please keep evolving

Let’s integrate your further training into the target agreements and annual plan. We are also happy to welcome you as a lateral entrant, arrange specific training for you and even redefine the job description to suit your skills.

Working for us we have nature freaks and “mountain goats”, dog-walking moms and Friday dads, yoga fans and soccer strikers, cult DJs and former stadium announcers, contact improvisation dancers and bedroom Hendrixes – oh, and a lady from Cologne.

For us, light is a feeling. A feeling that we can produce, evaluate and calibrate. A feeling we want to harness to give people positive energy.


Come with us on a deLIGHTful journey

We are looking for people who have the desire and the drive to break new ground. And the will to design something that has never been seen before. We are 65 fellow travelers. Every word carries the same weight. Everyone has the same rights and obligations. Everyone is valued the same, even the boss. We work in interdisciplinary project teams and are involved in the entire process – from initial idea to final installation. With ultra-short decision paths. We also have a social conscience and the whole team helps to creates a pleasant working atmosphere. You get to know people here quickly and easily.

Your qualification

  • Successful completion of a relevant course, ideally as an engineer or master craftsman
  • Several years of experience in electronics production
  • Knowledge of production, measuring and testing processes
  • Good spoken and written German and English
  • Solution-oriented and quality-conscious approach to work

Your tasks

  • Organizing and monitoring the programming and operation of the equipment
  • Continually monitoring the production processes
  • Maintaining and repairing machinery and equipment
  • Communicating with service technicians and manufacturers
  • Continually improving all the production processes
  • Commissioning equipment and systems
  • Training and instructing the production workers
  • Analyzing the causes of defects and taking measures to improve quality
  • Complying with legal requirements and health & safety regulations
  • Collaborating closely with all departments throughout the product life cycle

Your qualification

  • Training in electronics or similar
  • Several years of experience in electronics production
  • Good spoken and written German
  • Highly developed awareness of qualityrk

Your tasks

  • Acting as the technical contact for production processes in-house and with manufacturers
  • Monitoring and planning the production of prototypes up to series production
  • Analyzing and optimizing production processes and workflows
  • Implementing automation solutions
  • Creating documentation

Your tasks

  • Assembling and commissioning raw material
  • Operating the production equipment
  • Programming and testing electronic assemblies and completed devices
  • Sorting and packaging finished products
  • Quality control and quality assurance

Your qualifications

  • Previous experience in production preferred
  • Good spoken and written German
  • Reliable and quality-conscious approach to work

Your tasks

  • Operating the various components of an SMD production line
  • Carrying out a product change on the line
  • Setting up the pick-and-place machine
  • Soldering and assembling modules
  • Quality control and quality assurance

Your qualifications

  • Several years of experience in electronics production
  • Good spoken and written German and English
  • Reliable and quality-conscious approach to work

Your qualifications

  • Fields of study: Physics, Electrical Engineering, Lighting, Optics
  • Good knowledge of German and English
  • Team spirit and good communication skills
  • Systematic and solution-oriented approach to work

Your tasks

  • Taking photometric measurements
  • Researching, investigating and evaluating materials and components
  • Analyzing optical systems in the automotive sector
  • Conducting simulations and process validations

Discover how feno creates light.