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Enchant the world with light

Inspired architecture harbors a magic all of its own. Our light brings this magic to life. On facades and in indoor spaces. Thanks to our long-standing collaboration with light artists and designers we fully understand the intentions behind an architectural statement.

Palace of International Forums, Tashkent/Uzbekistan

We can enrich any project with unprecedented options and new dimensions of light. Translating the desired effect into technology. Transforming into unique experiences. Unleashing the magic.

What if light
were a feeling?

Premium made in Germany conquers Hollywood: We develop and manufacture in Munich – even for Oscar winners.

Human Centric Lighting Display
Full-spectrum sun-like light with accurate color rendering and the highest quality of light.

feno converted our needs and dreams into reality, creating the new sytstem with patience, commitment and talent.

Dedo Weigert, Cameraman and Managing Director, Dedo Weigert Film GmbH 

„In the Feno team, we found ideal partners to develop, design and produce the new generation of our LED light control system called dedolight NEO. They understood our needs and dreams and realized the new tools with patience and deep involvement applying their exceptional talents and experience. We and our fellow image creators in the film and video world are already applauding this important development.“

Light – a stepless mood controller.

We dim at maximum resolution. Our products bring DMX into any building, link different protocols and produce any lighting effect.

World first

Street light of the future

The first. Worldwide. An LED street light with color temperatures up to 1800 K.

Light in the cities is getting warmer: The first LED street light capable of producing the color temperature of a sodium vapor lamp (1800 K) has been created in a joint project involving Nichia, Bergmeister Leuchten and feno. As the innovation partner, we developed a prototype module. It’s energy efficient, contains no mercury and has a low blue component – altogether a minor miracle that will enhance any town or city.


Unique lighting experiences


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