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On the same wavelength

We speak the same language as our customers. Because we have decades of experience from developing our own products. For every customer this means maximum understanding and technical discussions at the highest level. For the best symbiosis of technology, design and effect. For the premium solution.

We develop the most important thing for a project well before the start of that project, and that’s the wavelength. That's why I’m at my desk from very early on – so we can take the emotional effects of light and their technological implementation and blend them together.

Reinhard, Head of development

We develop the components for example as RGBW-LIN modules and test the lighting effect of the LED modules directly in real-life situations. Our demonstrators, such as Light & Touch for sensor-based lighting control or the ISELED Starter Kit with dynamic lighting functions, are a great help here.

Light you can touch. A live presence at meetings.

From development to production in less than 10 seconds.

At feno, development and production work closely together. As the saying goes: two heads are better than one. Each enriches the other, leading to super-short response times and real-time prototyping.

Designed for manufacture: Close collaboration between development and production and our precise CI specifications for pcb design lead to high readiness for manufacture. And to excellent results.

From a single source

Hardware, firmware, software. And lots of inventiveness.

Premium-quality measuring equipment for light and power.

Absolute accuracy is essential. We use photometric equipment from leading manufacturers to support our development work and ensure maximum accuracy.

Interactive prototyping. Super flexible and series-ready.

We have development, production and purchasing under one roof. So we can make spontaneous changes in the prototyping process at any time and incorporate them in series production.

Tailor-made processes.

Our processes are individually tailored to the specific requirements of various sectors and products. For efficient prototyping and absolutely reliable series products.


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