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Where light sees the world

We live and breathe light. No matter if the required quantity is one or one million, we can handle custom solutions and large series with obsessive attention to detail, a high degree of flexibility and consistent premium quality. To achieve all this we manufacture electronic components and light guides at our site in Munich-Oberhaching.

Maximum precision for people. In automotive and medical lighting.

Automated and digitalized

Reproducible process conditions, operating data acquisition and traceability – production at the highest level.

feno has always been a pioneer, and not only in LEDs. We continue to be a pioneer, continually digitizing and automating our production processes. Thanks to AI, our AOI system learns as it goes along. We make use of traceability to evaluate our process data, and we integrate robotics into our process steps.

I am very proud of my highly qualified team and the premium quality we deliver day after day.

Daniel, Production Manager

State-of-the-art technologies in all areas of production.

  • Electronic component production
  • Light guide production
  • Quality assurance
  • Assembly

We populate extremely thin flexible material.

For flexible applications in demanding environments. Our production process has been developed so we can populate not only standard materials for large series but also extremely thin materials. Such as flexible foil pcbs only 0.1 mm thick.

Full transparency. From our Goethe meeting room customers can look directly into the production plant.

More light! Goethe’s famous last words.

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