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What if light were a feeling?

If it were, it could affect the mood of the people in it. Improve their frame of mind. Boost their well-being. For us, light is a feeling that we create with great precision, with a quality we can measure and an effect we can calibrate.

Turning brain waves into light: Yves Peitzner, Creative Director and Multimedia Artist, measures the emotional stimuli that our light triggers in people and converts those stimuli into new light effects.

What can light art do in a car?

It can make all the difference. The emotional effect of light on passengers is a completely new medium. With our in-depth knowledge of light art we can create a sense of well-being and memorable emotional brand experiences in the passenger cell.

Custom solutions in series production. From an idea to small batches and to millions in series production.

Personal commitment is what you get, even though it’s not specified in the contract.

Lena, Senior Product Designer

Light years ahead

A huge thank-you to James Turrell, Angela Bulloch, Ingo Maurer and all the other world-famous light artists and lighting designers. Major automotive brands have benefited from our know-how for many years – know-how that has also been indispensable for many other industries.

We are the bridge between two worlds. Between the technology of light and the effects of light.

Premium quality

Premium quality made in Germany

We have deliberately located the entire process chain at our Munich-Oberhaching site: development, production, laboratory services and quality management. From prototypes and small production runs to series production of millions of units.

Pioneering technologies

Expanding horizons

Let’s craft new light together. We have the creativity to do it. With in-depth know-how gained from light art. With hardware and software development, electronics production and light guide manufacture all concentrated in the same workspace. With close interaction between the various disciplines. With interactive prototyping. With pioneering technologies. And always with new ideas.


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