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Tunnel of Sentient Light: emotions become light

Turning brain waves into light: Yves Peitzner, Creative Director and Multimedia Artist, measures the emotional stimuli that our light triggers in people and converts those stimuli into new light effects.

Peitzner’s approach is as simple as it is ingenious: He sits down at feno in front of James Turrell’s “Elliptical Glass” light art installation, connects up to a brain wave sensor to measure the emotional stimuli that Turrell’s light triggers in him and converts those stimuli into new light effects. He makes his own emotions visible.

More than that, he lets others experience them.
He even lets others walk through them.

In the feno light tunnel, directly behind the Elliptical Glass, you stand in Peitzner’s emotions. You can walk through them and experience them directly.A milestone that opens up new dimensions.

People in the midst of emotions. What does this mean for automotive interiors and other environments? For offices, medical practices and event locations, for example? Peitzner’s experiment above all makes one thing clear: with the right light a new deep connection is created between the environment and the individual, between the sender and the recipient, between the giver and the taker.

The inner light. Triggered and revealed. By light.