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99.9 percent is not good enough

If you want premium quality light you need to scrutinize every aspect. So we shine a powerful light on every planning detail, every supplier, every process step, every circuit board, every light guide. Continuously. One hundred percent. That’s why we have automated a large part of our production and developed our own feno light laboratory. All backed by certifications such as TISAX, DIN ISO 9001:2015, DIN ISO 14001:2015 and SAQ 5.0. And ISMS of course.


100% scrutinized and rated good

Laser engraving

An ECG for light guides

Our light guides have to work perfectly. We take various measurements in our feno light laboratory to ensure that they distribute light efficiently and with absolute uniformity. LED modules are given a thorough examination in our Ulbricht sphere. We are so meticulous that there is not one speck of dust in the entire production process.

When it comes to quality planning and quality assurance we are humorless. Thanks to FMEA, AOI, traceability and inspection systems only test winners leave our company.

We test ourselves, our processes and our products. With FMEA and AOI, for example.

Precision is key: testing systems developed in-house to ensure premium quality.

Strict traceability: lasered barcodes for tracing the components used.

The five IATF core tools. Our processes are already geared to these tools.

  1. APQP

    Advanced Product Quality Planning

  2. FMEA

    Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

  3. MSA

    Measurement System Analysis

  4. SPC

    Statistical Process Control

  5. PPAP / PPF

    Production Part Approval Process (nach AIAG) oder Produkt- und Prozess-Freigabe (nach VDA)


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