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The future of interior design

In designing and planning the interior of a vehicle every millimeter and every gram counts. Our laser-structured flat light guides create space. They are ultra-thin, weigh very little and can be easily integrated, even in tricky surfaces. Laser structuring ensures that the light is distributed uniformly over surfaces of any size – and with the same high output. With optional thermoforming they can be made to follow any contour. And in symbiosis with the feno LED coupling element they finally free designers from previous limitations.

Imagine. PMMA light guide with laser structure. As thin as a ruler. Space saving. Uniform distribution of light over surfaces of any size. Minimum time to market. And exceptionally low tool costs.

Light guide production

An integrated laser-structured flat light guide – and no tools needed

  1. Laser cutting

  2. Laser engraving

  3. Thermoforming

  4. System integration

Laser engraving

Looping the loop

The microstructure is continually optimized until it is directly integrated into series production. Our tool-less light guide production process allows for changes to be made during the process without any tooling costs.

Perfect symbiosis: our PMMA light guides in combination with electronics developed in-house. Illuminated surfaces are optimized to make the best use of available space.

If it doesn’t exist we’ll invent it ourselves. Like the Glowmarker®. Our award-winning product for laser engraving.


An ingenious invention for laser structuring of flat light guides.

With the GLOWMARKER® we can process optical components during series production and produce laser-structured flat light guides. For absolutely uniform distribution of light, for freedom of design, for large quantities. This invention is one reason why we won the Top 100 Award in 2022.

Laser structured. Thermoformed. Integrated. And simply beautiful.

Our surface lighting systems add a new dimension to interiors. They highlight materials and brand values, create a sense of depth and give people on the move a feeling of well-being.


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