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Turning know-how into wow

Light is like a journey. It can take us to a different place. When our lighting systems go on world cruises they can turn ocean liners into stunning light shows. And turn heads. Designers take great care when planning marine lighting, whether for the outsides of cruise ships or the insides of yachts. We know all about lighting, inside and out, and combine stunning design with total functionality.

Unique indoor lighting effects

From celebrity dinner dates to the captain’s table, light is the perfect host. Whatever the setting, from luxury villas to cruise ship ballrooms, we can supplement and homogenize the natural light in indoor spaces and influence people’s daylight perception. We do this by creating adjustable lighting moods to simulate, say, sundown, candlelight or twilight.

Premium quality made in Germany and all from a single source. We have been producing DMX controllers and luminaires for marine lighting for many years. Also available as special solutions.

Every day at sea is tough. Corrosive salt air, the vibrations of diesel engines and extremes of weather. Our lighting systems are designed to withstand all these and more. For smooth sailing, port to port.


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