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Completely new dimensions of light

Close collaboration with exceptional artists always leaves us with a fresh perception of what light can do. They come to us with the effect they want to achieve and describe the picture they have in their head. Our skill lies in understanding them. In becoming artists ourselves. So we can express what they have in mind. And ultimately to translate the desired effect into technology and physical form.

Understanding the purpose of the effect. Imagining the unseen. Visualizing the technical solution. But there’s one thing that distinguishes us from the rest, and that’s courage.

Perception. So much new to discover.

Skyspace "Twilight Epiphany", James Turrell, Houston

Creating what has not yet been created. Traveling to the frontiers of physics. Discovering new effects with light. New horizons.

Turning brain waves into light

We make the deepest connections with other people when we share our feelings. Yves Peitzner, Creative Director and Multimedia Artist, measures the emotional stimuli that our light triggers in him and converts those stimuli into new light effects.

So many new dimensions in which to explore, understand, create and experience light. So many ways in which to translate lighting ideas into technology and effects.

To all the staff at feno – thank you very much for all your work on the series of the small glass works called people of color.

James Turrell

Unique lighting experiences


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