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When light creates a new sensation

What happens when you combine your vehicle interior with our in-depth understanding of the art of light? A completely new sensation. One in which light communicates with the people in the vehicle and speaks to their senses. Affecting their mood. Their energy, calmness and joy. Making them safer. Improving their well-being. Our light is the best passenger.

Premium made in Germany. All from a single source, all from Munich-Oberhaching. 100% in-house.

Illuminating ideas

If idea ping-pong were an Olympic discipline we would win gold by bringing a new dimension to every project with our unique understanding of how to create effects and implement solutions.

Hardware and software development

Decades of experience from developing our own products flow into technical discussions with our customers at the highest level and with premium results.

Production of electronics and light guides

No matter if the required quantity is one or one million, we can handle custom solutions and large series with great attention to detail, a high degree of flexibility and consistent premium quality.

Extensive or selective ambient lighting.

Sun visors
Extremely slim, controllable lighting integrated in sun visors.

Door panels
Flush-mounted light sources.

Door sills
Illuminated branding.

Reading light
Space-saving integration, for example in the headliner.

Fascinating ambient and effect lighting from above.

Glass elements
Making illuminated sunroofs and glass even more impressive.

Head rests
Greater presence for brand elements with logo lighting on head rests.

Innovation partner for demanding customers

As a long-term, financially independent partner of the automotive industry, we produce individual solutions for every requirement.

From lighting solutions for door sills to personalized ambient lighting

From monochromatic light to dynamic color control with calibrated LEDs and matched spectrum

From lighting technology to communication via LIN/CAN and matrix control

From pre-development to series production of millions of units

You could say that we deliver light. But that’s not enough for me. I think we open up new horizons, deliver individual solutions and inject lots of energy.

Alexander, Head of Sales and Marketing
Light guides

Gain valuable interior space

feno flat light guides are as thin as a ruler. With a thickness of only 2 mm they require very little installation space. They are laser-structured for absolutely homogeneous distribution of light over surfaces of any size. And they can be thermoformed to follow any contour. All this gives rise to completely new lighting concepts for vehicle interiors.

Only 2 mm high and technologically light years ahead.

feno’s flat light guides are the basis for completely new lighting concepts in the vehicle.

The vehicle interior becomes a freely configurable ambiance and information space – with no compromises on installation height.

Interactive prototyping: With our flat light guides you can significantly reduce time to market.

Johannes, Innovation Engineer, feno

Freedom for designers

Take advantage of the wide variety of new possible shapes, formats and applications. You can seamlessly link feno flat light guides to vehicle functions, and integrate them in comfort, safety and information systems. Move the boundaries.

Adaptable thanks to thermoforming

Ultra-thin materials, individually shapeable. Vehicle interior design has never been more fun.

Flexible choice of materials
CALE control unit

feno makes vehicles talk

When light speaks, cars communicate and interact with other road users. This is precisely why we developed CALE™ (CAN LightingEcu). This control unit for lighting applications uses the CAN protocol to address intelligent LEDs individually and uses multi messages to create universal lighting scenes. Using subnetworks, CALE™ addresses more than 30,000 LED positions in the entire CAN network at high speed.

Matrix displays will play an increasingly important role in exterior lighting in the future. We can quickly provide other road users with information using light signals or full LED panels. And we can give vehicles their own individual styling.


Light can breathe new life into cars

“There will be massive changes in interior automotive lighting in the years ahead, giving the car a completely new value,” says Lars Raith, CEO of wontec, a consulting and service company for the automotive industry. In this personal essay he describes how OEMs will emotionalize their brand experience with applications derived from light art.


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