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feno automotive lighting 20 light years ahead

We have learned a lot. Especially from James Turrell, Olafur Eliasson, Ingo Maurer, Angela Bulloch and all the other great light artists, designers and architects with whom we work with. So many fascinating installations. So many new dimensions for understanding and creating light. Every time an OEM or supplier comes to us, they always know what they want: our deep understanding for light, which supports the brand and the product. We are not only a supplier. We introduce a new dimension into every project and bring the product decisively forward.

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Our light supports famous brands. We stage the interior with exactly the feeling, which the brand bodies. And we create interaction: The driver doesn’t only see or feel the light, they can interact with the light themselves. Our clever system design ensures a completely homogeneous interaction of the individual components – from controlling to assembling, everything comes from a single source.

FlachLL gelasert thermoforming

The more demanding the surface, the more we can score. Thermoformed laser structured flat light guides in high quantities? Completely normal for us. Complex structures in minimal installation space? We want nothing less. We have the necessary process steps in-house to carry out the design and development of sophisticated lighting solutions for wide area backlighting at the highest level.

feno Starterkit

For us, the prototype is the serial number one. We develop the circuit boards for use in the automotive interior – for example as a RGBW LIN module – and test the lighting effect of the LED modules directly in real situations. Among other things, our ISELED starter kit is helpful here: With a total of 16 intelligent and individual controllable LEDs on a flexible LED strip, dynamic lighting functions can be realized in just a few steps.

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Interior lighting on a new level

Our deep understanding for light continuously flows into our production. That’s how we’ve been coming up with individual solutions for the automobile industry for years now. From the lighting for door sills to personalized ambient lighting. From monochrome light colors to dynamic color control with calibrated LEDs. From the light technology to communication via LIN/CAN and Matrix-control.


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Good teamwork is simply fun

We know the rhythms of the automotive industry inside out. We work according to the specifications, produce quality in series and in millions of pieces and integrate ourselves fully into the production processes. We are able to do this because we’ve been developing and manufacturing everything out of one hand in Munich for 20 years. We have all our process steps intentionally in one building and guarantee absolute delivery reliability. We have developers, electronic technicians and engineers working in the same workspace.

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