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ISAL 2022 – feno gives presentation at international symposium for automotive lighting

feno-menal confirmation: “PMMA light guides with laser etched microstructure enabled ultra-thin surface lighting” is the name of our number one topic, which we are presenting at the ISAL 2022. In this presentation, we will show how we use thermoformed laser-structured flat light guides to meet several requirements in automotive interior lighting and thus define the future.

he expectations are high. Complex free-form surfaces are to be illuminated individually over the entire surface despite minimal installation space. At the same time, the interaction with other lighting components, the cooling of the LEDs, the production and validation of the electronics, and the control of the LED components in the overall vehicle must be solved by a clever system design. Our innovation enables flexible design and optimal lighting in the tightest of spaces with low assembly costs. In combination with our LED solutions on flexible LED strips, we are setting a completely new standard in interior lighting.