Indoor lighting

Hand in hand: energy efficiency and aesthetics

A lightness of touch

Galeries Lafayette Maison, Paris, France

Ingo Maurer, the Munich based industrial designer, has reinterpreted the culture of lifestyle on five floors covering 10,000 square meters. A lively interplay of light and color is projected between brightly lit pillars and stairways. Visitors are enthralled by a sparkling canopy of star and welcome messages in different languages. All made possible by several thousand LEDs and smart control thanks to our hardware and software.

Outdoor lighting

Instant wow factor

Once around the world

Bremerhaven Climate House 8° East, Bremerhaven, Germany

The Climate House in Bremerhaven takes visitors on a journey through the world’s different climate zones. The one constant is the 8 degrees east
line of longitude. Lighting expert Gerd Pfarré has turned the 10,250 square meter glass facade into a sparkling array of 2,000 individually controllable points of light. Our feno control software makes handling this impressively complex system both simple and intuitive.

Light art

Turning 550 nanometers into genuine feelings

A retinal trick

Your Black Horizon, Lopud, Croatia

The Danish-Icelandic light artist Olafur Eliasson loves playing with physical phenomena. For the 2005 biennial he designed an artistic horizon of light in a windowless pavilion – with constantly changing light. Our smart controller creates, adapts and stores lighting scenes that mimic the natural changes of daylight.

OEM & Automotive

Precision as a principle

From prototyping to OEM

Reliability and durability

Our high-quality products are characterized by precision, reliability and durability. It goes without saying that they comply with all relevant
industrial standards and directives – irrespective of the batch size. This also applies to one-off products, individual projects and production for
original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

We are masters of technology and aesthetics Full service at all levels

Not only are we an one-stop shop for planning, consultation, development and production, we also have an in-depth understanding of the aesthetic dimension of light. feno is therefore a creative partner for light artists, architects and industrial designers and also an innovative partner for industrial customers of all sizes. At feno we rely on our in-house electronics production. Our advanced facilities guarantee in-house production of the highest quality.

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  • Consultation & Support
  • Planning & Development
  • OEM & Automotive
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Training
Consultation & Support

Every project in lighting engineering and lighting control is unique. We understand your needs and will accompany you throughout your project.

Planning & Development

Our software and hardware departments develop solutions that are tailored to the specific characteristics of each project. The focus is on the functionality and high quality of the solutions.

OEM & Automotive

To ensure that high quality continues throughout the development phase right up to implementation, we use our in-house electronic component manufacturing systems and ultra-modern equipment.

Installation & Commissioning

We provide high-quality advice and accompany your projects in a spirit of partnership. We also support you with workshops on the use of hardware and software, commissioning and maintenance.


We provide high-quality advice and accompany your projects in a spirit of partnership. We also support you with workshops on the use of hardware and software, commissioning and maintenance.

Own hardware, own software

feno develops everything in-house and at the highest quality

Light is content and medium in one, constantly inspiring new and surprising applications and design options. Electronics experts, IT specialists and engineers work closely together in our R&D department to design the ideal control elements, dimmers and software for the various projects.

Product quality
feno develops everything in-house and at the highest quality
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Light Laboratory

Light planning, light rendering, light measurement

We constantly invest in the quality of our products. Our ultra-modern light laboratory enables us to build on our competitive edge in terms of know-how and technology. A high-end array spectrometer measures color location, brightness, saturation, CRI value and luminance.
Everything from an individual LED to area light – automatically and with high precision. At the same time an infrared thermograph records the thermal output. The advantage is obvious. The quality of the light and the light sources can be objectively assessed. The measured data is used not only for quality assurance purposes but also as a starting point for innovations.

Product quality