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Since 1998

Made in Oberhaching Research and production in-house – always

Since the beginning, we have manufactured near Munich; first in Ismaning, now in Oberhaching. We invest in the high quality of our products with our own in-house electronics production, our ultra modern light laboratory, and stringent multi-stage quality and function checks.
​feno products are characterized by precision, reliability and durability. It goes without saying that they comply with all relevant industrial standards and directives. We are fully certified according to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard. PDF ISO 9001:2015 english

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Precision is our principle

Highest standards

At feno, quality is no coincidence because we produce all our LED modules ourselves using our own state-of-the-art automatic placement machines. We also have our own encapsulation facility to ensure that outdoor lighting also works perfectly under all environmental influences. Individual components or entire production batches are given the protection they need for the relevant applications. Our 100% function test ensures that no product leaves our factory without first passing this test.​

We are fully certified. And have won many awards.

Extensive quality management

It goes without saying that all our products comply with all industrial standards and directives. But that’s not all. Our entire quality management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 – from organization, development and production to sales and service.
Typically, you’ll rather see the effect of our products than our products themselves. Nevertheless, our design is also outstanding, with the fe spot series and our DMX LED light sources winning the prestigious red dot design award.​

Many specialists, lots of experience

In-house development department

Electronics experts, IT specialists and engineers work closely together in our R&D department to design the ideal control elements, dimmers and software for the various projects. Since our company was founded in 1998 we have completed pioneering work in color mixing and dynamic LED lights. Each year, more and more customers across the world benefit from our extensive experience and our in-depth know-how.​

We objectify the quality of light

In-house light laboratory

In our ultra-modern light laboratory we are working on our competitive edge in terms of know-how and technology on a daily basis. A high-end array spectrometer measures color location, brightness, saturation, CRI value and luminance. Everything from an individual LED to area light – automatically and with high precision. At the same time an infrared thermograph records the thermal output. The advantage is obvious. The quality of the light and the light sources can be objectively assessed. The measured data is used not only for quality assurance purposes but also as a starting point for innovations.

Two components against water, salt, sand and dust

In-house encapsulation facility

We have our own encapsulation facility to ensure that outdoor lighting works perfectly under all environmental influences. Individual components or entire production batches are given the protection they need for the relevant applications. The filling compound consists of two components and is precisely matched to the respective product. A highly accurate dosage creates a safe irremovable bond with the component. Whether it’s water, salt, sand or dust, the filling compound offers protection against all environmental factors without having a negative impact on the quality of light.

Testing and replacing

The 100 percent function test

Testing and replacing – we leave nothing to chance. Before our devices go out to the customer, we carry out extensive testing to make sure that every directive is met and every test has been passed. Thanks to automated placement machines featuring an integrated camera, we even spot faulty pc boards. “Hawk Eye” won’t populate them any further, but will automatically reject them. A heat slider camera determines and checks the exact temperature of the components on a pc board. An EMC test will make sure that our devices meet the different requirements of electrical and electronic systems. This guarantees trouble-free operation in accordance with statutory requirements.
Depending on the ultimate application of our luminaires, we deal with the climatic conditions of their surroundings early on. Whether it’s water, heat or cold, a climate test ensures that our luminaires can withstand even extreme conditions. In addition to climatic resistance, durability is also an important quality aspect of our devices. For each project, the luminaires are subjected to continuous testing. If the devices run smoothly for several weeks without switching off, they have passed their continuous test. We also use a test setup to check whether our products can be set up easily. This means the customer can set them up and commission them in no time.

feno products


Our products stand for maximum quality which is ensured through continual and multi-stage quality and function checks and which is constantly being increased. A high number of certificates and quality seals are the result of our high requirements and prove the reliability and safety of our technical solutions.

Our Products

TÜV SÜD - Technical Inspection Association TÜV SÜD Technical Inspection Association

TÜV SÜD - Technical Inspection Association

​Our quality management system is TÜV-certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015. We guarantee quality for our processes and products and the highest quality for our customers.

CE - Communautés Européenes CE Communautés Européenes

CE - Communautés Européenes

With CE conformity we guarantee that our products meet all relevant European directives on product safety and have been subjected to the prescribed conformity assessment procedure.

DALI - Digital Addressable Lighting Interface DALI Digital Addressable Lighting Interface

DALI - Digital Addressable Lighting Interface

All feno products are DALI compliant. This means that our customers across the globe can rely on our solutions to be compatible with DALI devices from other manufacturers.

UL Listing - Underwriters Laboratories UL Listing Underwriters Laboratories

UL Listing - Underwriters Laboratories

Our products carry the UL certification mark, meeting applicable safety requirements. This includes extensive testing of the products with regard to flammability and mechanical sources of danger.

LED Light for you - OSRAM network LED Light for you OSRAM network

LED Light for you - OSRAM network

feno is a certified member of the OSRAM network which unites global LED technology partners. By working with these partners we can better support our customers in implementing the various applications – from the standard to the unusual and the extravagant.

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feno light laboratory

Measuring light

Precise light measurement with feno
feno light laboratory
Precise light measurement with feno

Precise measurement is essential for reliable products. And the highest quality can only be guaranteed on the basis of in-depth know-how. Often, however, our rapidly expanding industry relies on external information rather than taking its own measurements.

A simple video comparison is no substitute for the absolute data from a spectrometer. Calibration of ever-larger illuminated surfaces can only be achieved by spectrometer analysis. feno has made itself independent thanks to its own lighting laboratory. With its measuring equipment feno is in a position to meet customer requirements on a more individual basis. For example, checking how the color location reacts to any rated current. feno also uses transmission measurements to determine the light output from materials and optics, and can therefore optimize the efficiency of its products. The lighting laboratory also improves efficiency. feno uses the lumen/watt efficiency measurement to make its products transparent and comparable. And also makes full use of the potential of modern lighting technology.

With the aid also of a thermal imaging camera, feno can create complex control algorithms in order to develop intelligent software for thermal compensation and set new standards in the quality of light. The lighting laboratory therefore acts as an interface between the two sides of light: before light and beyond.

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