Qipco Office Tower, Doha

A swarm of colored lights

An intelligent swarm of colored lights

Qipco Office Tower, Doha

The Frankfurt-based light artist Thomas Emde translated the pulsating energy of the city into a fascinating light installation for Qatar Investment & Project Development Holding (Qipco). He distributed 2,700 individually controllable high-power LEDs over the mesh facade of the “Tornado Tower”. They make the skyscraper pulsate with spiral movements and 35,000 possible color combinations. This spectacular light installation has already achieved iconic status for the night skyline of Doha.

Bremerhaven Climate House 8° East, Bremerhaven

Once around the world: linking rivers and deserts

From a river to a desert along a line of longitude

Bremerhaven Climate House 8° East, Bremerhaven, Germany

The Climate House in Bremerhaven takes visitors on a journey through the world’s different climate zones. The one constant is the 8 degrees east line of longitude. Lighting expert Gerd Pfarré has turned the 10,250 square meter glass facade into a sparkling array of 2,000 individually controllable points of light. Our feno control software makes handling this impressively complex system both simple and intuitive.

Lentos Museum of Modern Art, Linz

Chameleon: an art museum as a living body of light

Nocturnal color changes thanks to 116 signal converters

Lentos Museum of Modern Art, Linz, Austria

The Lentos Museum of Modern Art bends inconspicuously in the silhouette of Linz. During the day the facade reflects the light of its environment. At dusk countless LEDs and precisely 116 of our fi dmx-dsi 4d signal converters provide a scintillating display of color that has now become one of the landmarks of Linz. Until the sun takes over again at dawn.

We ensure that every facade is impressive at first glance Showcasing buildings

Light is effective – not just indoors but also outdoors. Which is why we design, test and constantly improve the applications and design options for outdoor lighting installations.
Whether it’s a question of highlighting a single wall of a house or providing creative lighting to an entire facade with 1,040 RGB LED modules, we will find the right solution for any project. We set particularly high standards with regard to technical implementation. That applies not only to careful planning and installation but also to the energy efficiency of our solutions.

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Rapid implementation, seamless integration

We work hand in hand with all our clients, whether architects, lighting planners or engineers, and attempt to keep all paths as short as possible. We take a flexible approach to changes and adaptations without losing sight of our high quality standards.

Comprehensive range, big effect

We complete projects at national and international level not only in a wide range of industries and sectors but also in any magnitude. Small or large, house wall or entire building facade. Our products add impressive effects to any structure.

Individual requirements, precise interpretations

Unusual customer requirements or technical challenges? Our experts have the necessary planning, technical and design flexibility to implement requirements with utmost precision. And leave no problem unsolved.

Heat, cold or humidity – we make every facade weatherproof

Our products are tested for suitability for the intended environment

feno makes every facade weatherproof

An encapsulation facility is a system designed to enclose or cover components in resin. The facility handles the dosing, mixing and preparation processes. Depending on the particular application, encapsulation facilities can be of different designs, sizes and degrees of automation.

Why should an LED specialist need its own encapsulation facility? So we can ensure trouble-free outdoor lighting in all weather conditions. Individual components or entire production batches are given the protection they need for the relevant applications. The filling compound consists of two components and is precisely matched to the respective product. A highly accurate dosage creates a safe irremovable bond with the component. Whether it’s water, salt, sand or dust, the filling compound offers protection against all environmental factors without having a negative impact on the quality of light.

From pole to pole

Climate House 8° East, Bremerhaven

Bremen’s new landmark presents a sparkling spectacle over a length of 125 meters and a width of 82 meters – thanks to 16,000 meters of cabling, 2,000 LEDs, one Lighting Control Server and 27 power supply units from feno.

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