In-house production with extensive protection

Safeguarding optimum product quality

High-precision production

In our in-house production facility we place great value on extensive protection against electrostatic discharges and also on cleanliness, regular maintenance and cleaning of the machines and systems, and on correct storage of all components. Only in this way can we guarantee optimum product quality. For our customers we produce energy-efficient solutions and can quickly turn innovative concepts into reliable and durable market-ready products.

Product quality

Hand in hand

From prototype to series production

Finding tailor-made solutions

In-house development

We see every new project as an exciting challenge. And with every new project we add to our experience and understanding. In the development department at feno we have electronics experts, IT specialists and engineers all working hand in hand. This enables us to achieve flexible and efficient prototyping right through to series production. Always at the highest conceptual and technical level.


Reliability and precision

Sustainable quality across all processes

Optimum quality and precision

Certified quality management

Light has an ethereal quality, not at all tangible. But the conditions needed to generate it are very much concrete and demand maximum precision. On the production side we therefore focus all our efforts on ensuring optimum quality in every detail. The quality management system at feno has been certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Product quality

From prototype to series production Flexible production

From our experience with a wide range of sectors, spatial and architectural conditions, and technical challenges we have developed structures that enable us to tackle the specific requirements of each individual project with a high degree of flexibility. The results are high-quality products that are characterized by precision, reliability and durability.
This is true whatever the batch size and scope of the project is, and for products that are manufactured for shipment to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

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Wide-ranging expertise

Thanks to our extensive expertise we implement national and international projects in an extremely wide range of industries, from automotive to shipbuilding and from medical to shop and trade fair fitting. We also offer complete solutions for hotels, museums and high-end households.

Special products for individual projects

Irrespective of the project, the sector or the batch size, we develop both customized products and mass products – from the prototype to series production. feno offers tailor-made solutions that fit perfectly in the overall project.

Ultra modern facilities

Our focus is always on the functionality and quality of the solutions. At feno we therefore rely on our in-house electronics production. Our advanced facilities guarantee production of the highest quality. And our certified quality management is proof of this.

Reliability and durability

Our products are characterized by precision, reliability and durability. It goes without saying that they comply with all relevant industrial standards and directives. Our structures enable us to tackle the specific requirements of each individual project with a high degree of flexibility.

Ultra modern automatic placement machine

At feno all the LED modules are manufactured using ultra modern automatic placement machines. We can therefore offer our customers not only hardware and software development but also the finished product. The high level of automation not only provides a high degree of flexibility but also an excellent price/performance ratio with the Made in Germany seal of quality.​

Wide-ranging expertise, individual solutions

Wide industry coverage

Our aim is to develop appropriate solutions for a wide variety of sectors, lighting designs and situations. Each project is a new challenge for us, and with every project we add to our experience and understanding. Thanks to our extensive expertise we implement national and international projects in an extremely wide range of industries, from automotive to shipbuilding and from medical to shop and trade fair fitting.

Product Quality

Automotive Lighting

Automotive Lighting

For our automotive solutions we develop and manufacture customized LED modules to ensure perfect interior illumination. Light guides matched to the modules provide ideal illumination and an individual and safe driving experience.


Marine Lighting

Marine Lighting

Marine lighting has to meet a wide variety of requirements on board so it has to offer high performance all round. Whether you need lighting for the outer facades of cruise ships or the interior of yachts, we guarantee to supply professional lighting solutions to meet individual customer requirements.


Medical Lighting

Medical Lighting

Reliable lighting is indispensable in any operating theater. It provides the best possible view and is therefore crucial to the success of the operation. With our control units and LED modules we create ideal safe working conditions.


LED Dimmers

LED Dimmers

Dimmers are the central control elements for perfect illumination. With up to twelve outputs and five different control signals the devices are highly versatile. Soft regulation for smooth transitions are guaranteed.


Safety Lighting

Safety Lighting

Good safety lighting for areas such as steps, handrails and floors can save lives. Our customized solutions provide safe and pleasant lighting that blends with the architecture of the room and the building.

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light guides and test

Our light guides have been developed by us and are manufactured using state-of-the-art laser technology. This enables us to adapt the light perfectly and to bundle, transport and direct it to suit the specific requirements and the overall project. Testing the light guides for functionality and quality is another important aspect of production. For this we use a reference light guide which enables us to ensure that the brightness and homogeneity of the distributed light meet our high demands.

encapsulation facility

We have our own encapsulation facility to ensure that outdoor lighting works perfectly under all environmental influences. Individual components or entire production batches are given the protection they need for the relevant applications. The filling compound consists of two components and is precisely matched to the respective product.


Part of our quality management involves the traceability of individual modules. They are provided with individual barcodes in an SMT placement machine (SMT: Surface Mount Technology). As a result we can quickly and reliably identify the batch from which individual components come. In future we intend to extend traceability to individual components.

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