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Update for Ben Wirth’s LED Cluster Modules

This year benwirth licht decided to deliver another update and commissioned feno to carry out the work. Objectives for Cluster 3.0: simplify Cluster, make it easier to assemble, and make the system compatible with OLED panels from different manufacturers. The “tunable white” feature also had to be integrated in Cluster 3.0, which in practice means that the light color of the LEDs will be controllable between 2700 K and 4000 K. LED Downlight, LED Backlight and OLED modules can be switched and dimmed separately from one another, as before. 

Cluster can be used with a high degree of flexibility in many different ways: as a sculpture, as an installation in a stairwell, in the “classic” way as a light structure above a table or as a lighting element in a corridor. 

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