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Self-made light art

Intelligent, intuitive and cost effective: the new DMX fc s.dmx 48u controller from feno. The clever light controller for small to medium-sized installations offers the entire spectrum of the DMX512 technology. The compact, ingenious device functions not only as a computer-aided controller for up to 512 channels but also runs the light programme as a stand-alone controller for up to 48 channels.

Whether it’s a boutique or gallery, hotel or bar, wellness or event, exhibition stand or stage: with the help of the ingenious controller, lighting effects and colour changes provide just the right atmosphere in countless applications. And thanks to the new, self-explanatory feno control software anyone can programme their own light installation with user-defined fade and hold times. The new software’s operating concept is compellingly simple; the project assistant leads the user step by step through the project. Whether in German or English. Timelines that allow the settings to be easily configured by drag and drop provide orientation together with the address and colour editors. Once a light type has been programmed, all further instances are automatically recognised. Before the light sequence is saved, a preview of the live effect is shown in an incredibly realistic representation of the room, allowing scenes or dimmer values to be changed and sequences lengthened or shortened.

The result: It’s never been so easy to programme your own light installation.

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