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Flickerfree dimming for the camera

feno invests constantly in its product portfolio. Our latest product innovation: the fd dmx 4-24 700 ca. The most outstanding feature is the possibility to dim using current: In distinction from constant current and constant voltage dimmers, the fd dmx 4-24 700 ca dims by changing the direct current, not by pulse width modulation (PWM). Due to this innovation, flickering is technically impossible. The controlled light source emits flickerfree light – not only for the human eye, but also for cameras. This makes the fd dmx 4-24 700 ca the perfect dimmer solution in sensitive areas, above all TV studios and Super Slow Motion applications.

Furthermore, the product is a 4-channel LED dimmer, which means that the dimmer is open to the growing request of RGBW LED modules. As usual, the fd dmx 4-24 700 ca has short-circuit and overtemperature protection. The dimming curve is matched to eye sensitivity. The start channel is easily adjustable via the optional digital display (fi assist display-45).

The dimmer is available as a PCB construction for integration in lighting systems and features minimum dimensions (158 x 47 x 15 mm).