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Elliptical Glass „Kepler 452 b“ - James Turrell, Zurich

Häusler Contemporary Zurich presents the results of James Turrell‘s artistic approach in the gallery in Zurich with a spatial light work Elliptical Glass „Kepler 452 b“.

This atmospheric architectural intervention, which also works in everyday spatial conditions, appears as an oval, colored luminous plane in the wall – at once seemingly dense and permeable. In a course precisely specified by the artist, the colorfulness of the lighting slowly changes from the center. This subtle dynamic creates a captivating effect on the viewer’s eye, which soon loses itself between a see mingly infinite depth and the unfathomable planarity. As in James Turrell‘s highly acclaimed, expansive installations, the usual understanding of light and space is put to test and the observer is led to the borderlines of perception.
The entire structure of the limited edition artwork by James Turrell was conceived and completed as a unit by feno. The colour spaces were precisely defined together with the artist with the aid of the specially programmed sequence controller.

Used Products:
Project-specific LED modules with integrated lighting control, fc dmx 5-512w

Contractor: Häusler Contemporary Zurich
Light Art: James Turrell, Flagstaff, Arizona
Photograph credits: Florian Holzherr