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Naturally good light

Light changes living spaces. In a villa in Munich Grünwald, artificial light replicates natural light during the course of the day, creating a homogeneous effect across a wide range of rooms and tasks. With many variable lighting scenes that can recreate a sunset, candlelight, or the blue hour, for example.

The solution was a result of collaboration between Luxophil Lighting, the lighting specialists feno and the LED manufacturer Nichia. To realise the dynamic lighting control planned by lighting designer Katrin Rohr, feno developed a LED board with integrated dimming and Dali electronics for light coves – this offers luminaire manufacturers a perfect starting point for luminaire integration. At the heart of the board are warm white Optisolis LEDs from Nichia: full-spectrum LEDs with a colour temperature of 3,000 Kelvin in special combination with other special colours. Smooth dimming curves, precise colour rendering, and the sunlight-like spectrum create naturally good light.

Photos: Jasmin Hirschbach