Skyspace Twilight Epiphany, Houston

Visual wonder: a roof that seems to float

When sunlight and LED light interact

Skyspace Twilight Epiphany, Houston, USA

The American artist James Turrell produces unconventional installations that combine space and light in surprising, inspiring and occasionally perplexing ways. In his Skyspace Twilight Epiphany he explores the interplay between sunlight and LED light. All made possible thanks to our individually programmed light sources. On the roof of the audio lab at Rice University in Houston they interact at dusk with the remaining daylight and the sounds composed by the music students.

Your Black Horizon, Lopud

Interplay: an installation with a lasting impression

Olafur Eliasson and feno play with physical phenomena

Your Black Horizon, Lopud, Croatia

The Danish-Icelandic light artist Olafur Eliasson loves playing with physical phenomena. For the 2005 biennial he designed an artistic horizon of light in a windowless pavilion – with constantly changing light. Our smart controller creates, adapts and stores lighting scenes that mimic the natural changes of daylight. When visitors leave the pavilion the beam of artificial light remains on the retina for a few seconds, creating a “black horizon”.

Light Transport, Zug

Multicolor perspective effect

Intense colors, fascinating technology

Light Transport, Zug, Switzerland

A dynamic light installation by James Turrell envelopes the interior and exterior facades of the station building in fluid light. Implemented with our control concept and specially developed software. The colors were defined, visualized and assembled in a seamless choreographic arrangement on site by feno together with the artist. The rhythmic transitions between the various intense colors reinforce the spatial depth and perspective of the building.

We turn 550 nanometers into genuine feelings Light is more than a physical phenomenon

On the one hand, light is nothing more than the range of electromagnetic radiation that is visible to the naked eye. In other words, the wavelengths from about 380 to 780 nanometers. On the other hand, light is obviously much more than a physical phenomenon. It helps elicit and process emotions, allows us to navigate our world and influences the perception of space, colors, shapes, everything. With its innovative technologies and creative solutions, feno succeeds time and again in exploiting the full potential of light.

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before light and beyond

As an LED specialist we combine the technical generation and control of light with its emotional effect. On a globally unique innovative, high-quality and creative level.

Creative partner, flexible enabler

feno is the creative partner for architects, designers and light artists because we have an in-depth understanding of the aesthetic dimension of light and a high degree of flexibility in creating the ideal technical solution.

Constant inspiration, rising standards

James Turrell, Olafur Eliasson, Ingo Maurer – our ever-growing network of renowned light artists, pioneering architects and established industrial designers leads to constant improvements in our products and solutions.

One Stop, full Service

We are an one-stop shop for planning, advice, development and production. Whether industrial customer or artist, museum or private household, all our customers benefit from our many years of experience and in-depth know-how of the feno team.​

Innovative concepts, systematic development

For innovative lighting concepts we will happily push the boundaries of physics to make the impossible possible. And develop outstanding products in terms of their technology, quality, energy efficiency and creativity.

Angela Bulloch: artistic precision in 252 pixel boxes

A modern classic with accent colors: Angela Bulloch has created a work of art for the Dior flagship store.

Angela Bulloch: artistic precision in 252 pixel boxes
Angela Bulloch: artistic precision in 252 pixel boxes

The Canadian artist Angela Bulloch has filled the Dior flagship store in Osaka with subtle dynamic color. In a contemporary interpretation of Marcel Duchamp’s famous painting “Nu descendant un escalier”, an image is resolved into rhythmically pulsating pixels.
Our dmx-dali 4 signal converter acts as the interface between the DMX control system and the digital dimmable control gear. This setup enables any color tone to be rendered precisely in any of the 252 pixel boxes and the intensity of each color to be individually controlled.
Exact color rendering is a key quality feature of artificial lighting. It denotes the effect that the output from a light source has on colored objects. Angela Bulloch’s fascinating lighting installations impressively demonstrate that precise color rendering is possible even at the lowest dimming range. At least with products from feno.

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Do you have any questions? Talk to us! Contact