House in a House, Hamburg

Cloud waves: redefining indoors and outdoors

160.000 LED light points precisely and reliably controlled

House in a House, Hamburg, Germany

The five-storey office building inside the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce is impressively light and airy. The dynamic lighting concept from Behnisch Architects (Stuttgart, Munich, Boston) draws you instantly into its spell. The intensity of the 160,000 LED light points that are arranged under the glass floors on each level can be precisely and reliably controlled by our fc s.dmx 48d LED dimmer. The wave-like motion of light, like clouds across the surfaces, creates a fascinating visual effect.

Palace of International Forums, Tashkent

Varied light: playing with color, light and reflections

A dynamic interplay of color from Gerd Pfarré and feno's LED modules

Palace of International Forums, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

German lighting designer Gerd Pfarré produced an impressive concept for the most important center for political dialog in Uzbekistan. With the aid of feno LED modules he translated the liveliness of the pulsating capital into a dynamic interplay of color, light and reflections. Warm white LEDs make the huge suspended concrete rings in the foyer look like a star formation in the sky. Other illuminated rings guide visitors to the heart of the palace, the amphitheater. This is where state assemblies, congresses, conferences and cultural events take place. A fascinating feature is that our LED RGB lighting systems visually separate the impressive cupola from the hall.

Galeries Lafayette Maison, Paris

A light touch: a symbiosis of aesthetics and imagination

A precise interplay between several thousand LEDs

Galeries Lafayette Maison, Paris, France

Ingo Maurer, the Munich based industrial designer, has reinterpreted
the culture of lifestyle on five floors covering 10,000 square meters. A lively interplay of light and color is projected between brightly lit pillars and stairways. Visitors are enthralled by a sparkling canopy of star and welcome messages in different languages. All made possible by several thousand LEDs and smart control thanks to our hardware and software.

feno is a ISO certified company Indoor lighting Hand in hand: energy efficiency and visual aesthetics

When it comes to providing indoor lighting based on our technology, the demands are not only high they are extremely varied. At feno we always aim to produce an energy-efficient solution that does not compromise on aesthetics. For us, it makes no difference whether the lighting system is for a hotel, a museum or a canteen. Thanks to the extensive expertise and experience of our specialists we design and implement individual, creative and award winning concepts.

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Extensive expertise

From museums to flagship stores, from office buildings to international airports, from functional to emotional, as an interior lighting specialist we have completed projects in just about every sector of industry and commerce.

Unrivaled quality awareness

Our highly developed awareness of quality is reflected both in the physical generation of light and in our products, which offer optimum quality, reliability and efficiency.

Total customer focus

Our understanding goes way beyond an understanding of your applications. We provide you with comprehensive proactive support. And try to make the impossible possible.

Highly advanced light laboratory

From initial planning and rendering to precise photometric calculations, our in-house laboratory checks and safeguards optimum product quality and tests new ideas and solutions.

Artistic fascination: tastefully presented in twelve showcases

Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Germany

In addition to numerous projects in the interior lighting sector, our wide-ranging expertise is also in demand for museum lighting. feno has designed the lighting for twelve showcases at the Munich Pinakothek der Moderne art gallery. Thanks to our fd dmx 4-48 350 dimmers each work of art is displayed in warm white and cold white light colors. We paid special attention to the lighting for the angled back panels of the showcases. The aim was to create uniform illumination that did not dazzle visitors despite the angled back panels. Our fc s.dmx 48u controller made this possible because the dynamic lighting scenes can be fully programmed via the software and precisely controlled.

Dance floor video

Moving images provide a kick in clubs and at events

LED light ceiling

Fascinating overhead visual effects

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