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The feeling when everything works

That’s exactly what you as an OEM get from us. We develop and manufacture LED systems and controllers for major brands. Worldwide. Across all industries. In premium quality. We take on the work and the responsibility, enrich you with new capacity and expertise – and suddenly your project is fun again.

Brightline recently introduced a fluorescent to LED retrofit kit. The kit would not have been possible without the first-class support of our long-term partner feno.

Sam Cercone, Managing Partner, Brightline

Your sole contact

With its own product expertise.

We have been developing and manufacturing our own products for over 20 years, in which time we have gained an international reputation and won several awards.

With know-how and capacity

With our know-how we respond directly to your specific requirements, take you forward and deliver solutions – uncomplicated, prompt and in the required quantities.

Everything from a single source

And everything from Munich: hardware, software, electronics, mechanicals, light guides, assembly. At feno, development and production operate under one roof. For fully integrated processes with maximum flexibility.

We supply your product as if it had our own name on it. As a white label if preferred, and always premium quality.

With us, you will make progress. In every way.

We understand you. Your specific requirements, your greatest challenges, your individual wishes. We’re here to help. No matter where you are in your project.

  • Expanding your capacity
  • Developing your idea
  • Rounding off your portfolio
  • Updating your product with new functionality

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