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We are serious about full service What makes working with feno so successful?

Not only are we an one-stop shop for planning, consultation, development and production, we also have an in-depth understanding of the aesthetic dimension of light. Thanks to our extensive expertise we implement national and international projects in an extremely wide range of industries, from automotive to shipbuilding and from medical to shop and trade fair fitting. We also offer complete solutions for hotels, museums and high-end households.

Our services

Top quality

Since the beginning, we have only manufactured in Oberhaching near Munich. We invest in the high quality of our products with our own in-house electronics production and an ultra-modern light laboratory. All products are characterized by precision, reliability and durability. It goes without saying that they comply with all relevant industrial standards and directives.

Strong customer focus

So our customers can stay way ahead of their competition, we develop high-quality solutions for outstanding ideas together with them, time and again pushing the boundaries of physics and trying to make the impossible possible. We approach individual customer wishes with flexibility and passion – no matter whether it involves technology, quality, energy efficiency or creativity.

Strict reliability of delivery

Whether it’s hardware or software, we manufacture all our products ourselves and carry out extensive quality and functional testing. Because we’re an one-stop shop offering production, planning and development, we’re in control of each situation and deliver on schedule.​

Extensive know-how

Since our company was founded in 1998 we have completed pioneering work in color mixing and dynamic LED lights. Electronics experts, IT specialists and engineers work closely together in our R&D department to design the ideal control elements, dimmers and software for the various projects. Each year, more and more customers across the world benefit from our extensive experience and our in-depth know-how.​

Successful together

We work closely with our customers, suppliers and partners to ensure a transparent environmental policy and a successful resource-saving approach. Our voluntary commitment and principles of action also include the responsible use of natural resources, measures to save energy, avoid and minimize emissions and a concept for waste avoidance and reuse of materials. Sustainable goals are firmly anchored in our corporate policy. This is an integral part of our thoughts and actions.​

Balanced price/performance ratio

​We don’t compromise on the quality of our products and services. At the same time we are able to offer our customers an excellent price/performance ratio because we undertake all the process steps ourselves, from conception to installation. This means that we’re in complete control, always being able to step in and adjust things.

Creative understanding

feno is not only an innovative partner for industrial customers of all sizes but also a creative partner for light artists, architects and industrial designers because we also have an in-depth understanding of the aesthetic dimension of light. We have had a long and successful relationship with a number of artists, designers and architects.​

Large network

feno has a large network of light artists, architects, technology experts and suppliers which helps us to make the seemingly impossible possible. These people, many of whom we have worked with on and off for many years, always help to find the right solution for even the most individual of customer wishes. ​

We have understood light

Light, emotions and aesthetics combined

feno understood light

As an LED specialist feno combines the technical generation and control of light with its emotional effect, with special focus on quality and efficiency. One example is the Comfort Hotel Winn in Umeå, Sweden. In the beginning there was the vision of lighting designer Jonas Lindahl from Ljusrum AB – a hotel facade illuminated by LED modules in the windows, in sync with daily sunrise and sunset times.
Together with the lighting designer and building contractor two prototypes were developed, produced and tested. The requirements of light output, colors and dimming behavior were extremely high – and we even managed to exceed them. The next challenge was the control system and software. The whole facade needed to be simulated on the computer in real time. What’s more, the software needed to be capable of creating and starting lighting programs.

Comfort Hotel Winn, Umeå, Sweden
Brilliant example of the successful combination of technology and emotions
Comfort Hotel Winn, Umeå, Sweden

At the same time, plenty of work went into designing the luminaires. As they are in the hotel rooms, they needed to be unobtrusive, not dazzle the guests, not pose a risk of injury at the window frame, and last but not least be easy to install. feno not only managed to master the aesthetic and technical challenges, we also completed the project within the agreed budget and timeframe thanks to close and flexible collaboration between the various partners, our own development department and production, and thanks also to stringent quality management.

We develop, produce and test our products ourselves. Product quality

Our services

From planning to commissioning – with feno

We not only plan and consult, we also develop and manufacture from a single source. We rely on our in-house electronics production. Our advanced facilities guarantee in-house production of the highest quality. We even support our customers when it comes to installation and commissioning, including training.

Our services