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feno presents world premiere at Lichtwoche München

Together with LED manufacturer NICHIA and lighting manufacturer Bergmeister Leuchten, feno presents a world premiere at Lichtwoche München 2021. The light installation in Pflaum Park features two streetlights in the classic “Rosenheim” design, one equipped with a classic high-pressure sodium lamp (NAV) and one with the latest generation of the Nichia 219F LED family. This LED is distinguished by the fact that it is the first to achieve warm colour temperatures up to 1800K with white light technology.

In this installation, feno combines lighting technology with the lighting experience, using simple technology to produce natural and pleasant light.

The project will be presented in Pflaum Park from 6 to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, 9 November, and Wednesday, 10 November (registration required).

Foto: Bergmeister Leuchten