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Skyspace The Color Inside

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A new landmark, an art installation, a unique experience: on 19 October, the new Skyspace opened. “The Color Inside” by the artist James Turrell opened its doors at the University of Texas in Austin as part of the public art program. And just as in previous years, the light artist created this fascinating work with feno. 

What was conceived as a “thinking room” for students, lecturers and professors, has proved to be a successful statement against the ever-present smartphone-itis. Instead of staring downwards at an illuminated screen, in “The Color Inside” Skyspace, the astounded visitor’s gaze is magically attracted to the sky. In this space, the way you view light and the sky is cultivated. And as a result, perception is intensified.

“The Color Inside” is an elliptical, white plastered tower with an oval opening in the ceiling. A black basalt bench runs along the wall with room for 25 people. Here at twilight, they can experience a unique spectacle: a dramatic interplay of colors between the interior and sky. At sunrise and sunset, the tailored LED system in the interior of the Skyspace – consisting of 86 fe s.soft lt1 that are discreetly installed behind the basalt bench – immerse the ceiling in color. At the same time, the color of the sky changes with the sunrise or sunset in contrast to the ceiling: in seamless sequences, the sky glows first indigo, then gray, then rust and finally a vivid teal while on the ceiling, nuances of pink, purple, white, green and yellow morph into each other. Seamlessly and without the slightest flicker. feno’s LED systems permit an exact color mix and control even in the lower dimmer range.

As such, the tower’s architecture and the intensity of the lighting sometimes make it impossible to discern the sky from the ceiling. All feeling of depth vanishes. 

Incidentally, the fe s.soft lt1 LED lights received an honourable mention from the jurors of the reddot design awards 2013 for their especially successful technical details. 

For the Skyspace’s exterior lighting, 60 specially developed LED-Module fe s-line 8100 w were used. These are a monochrome version of our proven fe s.line 9100 rgbw. Their outstanding features – along with the warm-white light and high dimming quality – are the super flat design and the 30° optic that ensures a uniform light effect.

The Skyspace can be viewed from Monday to Friday between 7 am and 11 pm, and on Sundays from 12 am to 11 pm. Our recommendation is, depending on the season, the hours of sunrise and sunset in accordance with James Turrell’s concept. Here, one should definitely reserve a space as the interior of the Skyspace only has room for 25 people.