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Lentos Museum Of Modern Art

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Lentos is one of the most important museums of modern art in Austria – for its exhibits and also for its architecture. The glass skin reflects the ambient light and gives the building a transparent, almost weightless character. This impression of weightlessness continues at night. Lentos starts to glow at dusk, seemingly absorbing the energy of the reddening evening sky. The color changes smoothly from red to blue, from blue to red … a living body of light in the nocturnal silhouette of Linz, mirrored by the black and silent Danube.

What appears to float like a Mozart minuet is actually based on a sophisticated and beautifully conceived »score« for light sources and control elements. The display is managed by a total of 116 feno signal converters which use the DMX protocol to control the brightness and color of the DSI luminaires integrated in the frame of the façade, until the sun rises the following morning.