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Skyspace Outside Insight

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It’s the northernmost Skyspace in the world. Nestled amongst conifer trees, “Outside Insight” projects over the broad fields of south Stockholm. An unpretentious circular building through whose roof only the sky can be seen – as if it was a painting – through an equally circular opening. 

 Here, at dusk, a very special light experience can be witnessed. In the finest, almost imperceptible, nuances of colour, a highly sensitive LED lighting system illuminates its cupola. Precisely programmed to the progression of dusk, it deceives the human eye. James Turrell describes it as, "... a light with power. But nevertheless with, by far, the best and most delicate control imaginable. The observer in Järna marvels at the section of the sky that appears like a colour swatch rich in saturated tones fading to black. Time, space and form fade into each other and watching the sky becomes an act of meditation. 

James Turrell realised the “Outside Insight” Skyspace especially for the SEE! COLOUR! exhibition in Järna, south of Stockholm. In addition to the Skyspace, the exhibition shows a large number of his well known light art such as "Bindu Shards" and "Shonto". However, the “Outside Insight” Skyspace is the only part of the exhibition that will remain in Järna permanently. A unique piece of art in Sweden.