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Galeries Lafayette Maison

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The Galeries Lafayette Maison in Paris extends over five floors and 10,000 square meters and is devoted to the culture and cult of lifestyle. Visitors stepping into the atrium are welcomed into a fairy-like palace. Between the brightly lit columns and stairways new visions of light and color appear as if by magic in the glass balustrades on each floor – a sparkling canopy of stars, welcome messages in a wide variety of languages and the names of exciting places …

It is no coincidence that Ingo Maurer describes his dynamic lighting installations as a symbiosis of aesthetics, imagination and functionality. The delicate nature of the magical ornamental lighting conceals a complex design developed on the basis of advanced technology, all implemented with the utmost precision. Several thousand LEDs have been integrated in 150 meters of special glass with three separate control circuits; control is provided by a constellation of hardware components supplied by feno. In addition, feno developed project-specific programming software that not only guarantees reliable and accurate results but also enables the system to be commissioned quickly and easily on site.