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University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim

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Light creates perception. Without it we can’t register objects or spaces. Viewed in this way, light can definitely be considered a building material.

These considerations played an important role in the decision to create a ‘Light Workshop’ at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences, south of Munich, Germany. In the "Light Workshop", various lighting and lighting control technologies are available to the students of the faculty of Interior Design, from the classical with fluorescent lighting to ultra-modern LED solutions.

Lined with freely programmable LED panels, an “experimental space” forms the central element of the “Light Workshop”. The coloured fluorescent lamps integrated into the panels create a huge spectrum of light allowing diverse applications. From recreating a cloudy sky to the effects of light and concepts for interactive media surfaces and facades, students can try out their ideas in model experiments. The prospective creators of rooms and objects can hardly get a better foundation on the way to entering their profession.