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Palace of International Forums

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The Palace of International Forums is the center for political dialog and cultural exchanges in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. This is where people from different nations get together, exchanging experiences and developing new ideas.

 The lighting concept from pfarré lighting design translates the dynamism of this location into an intelligent interplay of color, light and reflections. Huge suspended concrete rings in the foyer are suddenly made to look like a star formation in the sky. Discreetly installed in their crystal skins are warm white LEDs. The light from these LEDs is directed at the crystals which break it up into many smaller beams.

 Other illuminated rings guide visitors through cool white marble halls into the heart of the palace: a theater and concert hall designed as an amphitheater which can hold around 2000 people. Rings layered on above the other and inside one another form its distinctive cupola and repeat the structures at ground level. LED RGB lighting systems and thin fiber bars as wall panels are used to divide the cupola from the hall.