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House in a House

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The trading hall in the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce with its classic arcades and colonnades has recently been transformed into an architectural landscape. In 2007 in the middle of this impressive space a five-storey office building designed by BEHNISCH ARCHITEKTEN was constructed – light and airy, completely independent, and only now and again connected to the galleries of the historical late 17th century building by bridges.

The light inside this building within a building is also independent. More than 160,000 LED light dots, arranged in square modular panels, have been installed under the glass floors of each of the storeys. Lighting designers from the Nimbus Group specified that the light in each of the zones should be variable. In view of the quantities involved, this presented a special challenge for the reliability of the LED dimmers from feno. The complexity of the project also called for intensive consultation and on-site support. The entire process was one of precision and dynamics, and this seems to be expressed symbolically in a subtle effect – a wave-like motion of light that can be activated on a touchscreen and that looks like clouds passing over the LED panels.