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"Fluchtgeschwindigkeit", Gallileo-Tower

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 Titled "Fluchtgeschwindigkeit", the installation of Magdalena Jetelová is one of two lighting artworks that feno realized inside the Gallileo-Tower in Frankfurt. The lighting effects of the interactive steps, bridges and paths are created when as people walk over them. The warm white light appears softly through the satinized covers and follows people "every step of the way". 

This brilliant effect is produced with the aid of sensors that detect movement on the six interactive routes and transfer this information to the lighting control units designed specifically for the task by feno. Four dynamic sequences are programmed and can be individually selected. Dimmer values and dimming rates have been stored and these are used by Magdalena Jetelová as part of her work of art in light. 

This project is based on successful cooperation between Novotny Mähner Associates, Werning Day & Light, se´lux, Oertel & Prüm and feno.