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"Anroidika Descending The Staircase" is the mysterious title of Angela Bulloch’s concept. A woman and a girl are coming down a staircase but the image is turned into an abstract movement by extreme "pixellation" (an allusion to Marcel Duchamp’s famous painting). What remains is a real staircase in the shop and a wall of cubic light modules. The constantly changing colors and configurations of these modules create a rhythmically pulsating zone in which the steps appear to dissolve into light.

The work of art is based on 252 pixel boxes, each one a 50 cm square housing three fluorescent lamps. The feno interface fi dmx-dali 4 signal converter, which acts as the interface between the DMX control system and the digital dimmable ballasts, enables any color in any intensity to be produced in any of the boxes – a kind of electronic palette for artwork in light for the 21st century.