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Qipco Office Tower

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Qatar Investment & Project Development Holding (Qipco) has made a bold statement with its headquarters, the Qipco Office Tower in the new "West Bay" quarter of Doha. It stands as a symbol for financial health, ecological progress and growing economic networks. Its lozenge-shaped steel skeleton is a powerful expression of all these elements. It provides maximum stability and enables the building to be used efficiently and sustainably. 

Locals call it the "Tornado Tower" after a natural phenomenon that brings chaos and destruction. This is because after the sun goes down the mesh façade resembles the funnel shape of a twister. 2700 individually controlled high-power LEDs mounted at the intersections on the steel structure are capable of lighting up the night sky in any of 35,000 possible colour combinations. The coloured light sweeps down from top to bottom, from bottom to top and across the diagonals like a swarm. Dynamic spirals loop around the building as if they were trying to lift it off its foundations. This night-time display has become symbolic of this pulsating city, and indeed the country. 

 The lighting concept was created by the Frankfurt-based light artist Thomas Emde for Qatar Investment & Projects Development Holding. It perfectly illustrates the importance of the company for the financial and economic strength of Qatar.