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Light Transport

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Two slim structures, linked by a glazed façade, constitute the new station building in Zug designed by the Zurich-based architects Hornberger. The unusual depth and 3D nature of the architecture is further emphasized when night falls and James Turrell’s lighting installation "Light Transport" comes into play. Flowing color-chases spread not just over the glass but along the inner façades of the narrowing concourse, accentuating the "perspective effect" of the lines as they appear to converge on a point away in the distance. With its constant color transitions and changing rhythms the light also gives the building a pulsating vibrant energy.

This work of art in light could only be accomplished if the concept envisaged by James Turrell could be put into practice quickly and flexibly. Thanks to a comprehensive control concept devised by feno and specially developed software that enables the lighting situations in the building to be visualized, the colors and sequences could be defined on site with the artist and put together in a seamless choreographic arrangement.