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"Light Shaft II", Gallileo-Tower

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Light Shaft II is the name of the light installation by James Turrell – one of two light art projects that feno has implemented in the Gallileo Tower in Frankfurt. The American light artist has created a facade lighting system that is a real experience, even from the inside. 

In front of every window is a walk-on glass floor with in-laid RGB light sources. Visitors are right in the engine room of light here. Red, green, blue and white neon lights are combined to create any color. The light is reflected from the ceilings so it shines downwards and out from the building. Turrell has made excellent use of additive color mixing – the basis of every pixel on a computer monitor or LED television.

A lighting control system from feno ensures that each floor, in effect each pixel, appears in the right light. The software for the system was developed in-house and generates dynamic color sequences from the ground floor right to the rooftop. In both Gallileo towers and in perfect synchronism. From far off the towers look like an art masterpiece, a perfect vision. Close up, you can see how the effect is created. Which all goes to show that physics and emotions are not mutually exclusive.