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Königstadt Carrée

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In the heart of Berlin, where the present Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain districts meet, there is a high-rise office building that is providing a huge boost to this historic quarter. The “Königstadt-Carrée” was completed in 2011 and has its roots in the former city centre not far from Alexanderplatz. Its most striking feature is its dynamic light façade.

This highly acclaimed building by Berlin-based STP Architects fills a gap left after the demolition of the disused “Mehlschwalbenhaus”. With its natural stone base and its precast concrete slab construction, reminiscent of the GDR era, this modern office building is notable above all for its outer façade. 1040 project-specific RGB LED modules from feno are used to create impressive and dynamic lighting moods. The colour luminaires can be smoothly dimmed to any level from 100% down to 0% and can produce light of any colour. Its discreet yet enhancing integration in the outer façade underlines the increasing awareness of the power of versatile high-quality light in the public domain – light that not only illuminates but also becomes an entity itself. 

The new 80 m building at the intersection of Otto-Braun-Strasse and Mollstrasse towers over the busy streets of the Berlin-Mitte district and can be seen for miles around. The illuminated façade of the Königstadt-Carrée therefore acts as an architectural beacon and a symbol of the changing face of the centre of Berlin.