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fi pwm-analog 4d PWM to 1..10 V interface

feno interface
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The smoothing module fi pwm-analog 4d enables fi dmx-pwm 4d to operate. This means that ECGs with 1-10 V interfaces that do not have their own smoothing function can be smoothly dimmed without a step effect. In the same way the product performs smoothing and buffering functions for LED dimmers, such as fd analog 1-24e.

The 4-channel device operates without a supply voltage. The PWM signals are processed passively and forwarded to four 1-10 V outputs. 50 electronic ballasts or LED dimmers can be connected to each of these. As two smoothing modules can be operated in parallel on an fi dmx-pwm 4d, the output power is sufficient for large lighting solutions with up to four hundred 1-10 V control units. 

The product can be used for example in light ceilings, display panels, exhibition stands and facade and effect lighting systems equipped with fluorescent lamps or light emitting diodes.