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fi dmx-dali 4 DMX to DALI interface

feno interface
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The fi dmx-dali 4 converter enables digital ballasts with a DALI interface to understand the high-speed DMX protocol that can handle up to 512 channels. They can be switched and dimmed via DMX because the unit converts DMX signals into DALI signals. As a board with extremely compact dimensions the unit is suitable for installation in luminaires. The built-in amplifier ensures that the DMX signal remains stable even if several receivers are connected to a channel. 

The built-in “emergency function” can be deactivated. If the DMX signal fails the connected ECGs can still be dimmed via the integrated 1-10V interface and a potentiometer. The patented safety function prevents the entire DMX string from failing if an individual device fails because the last value sent is stored and replayed as a static scene. Even without a DMX signal. Electrical separation of the input and output, and connections that are protected against polarity reversal and short-circuits ensure a high level of safety. The universal power supply of 85 to 260 V offers a high degree of flexibility.