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fc s.multi 4d DALI/DSI controller

feno control
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The fc s.multi 4d is a freely programmable sequencer for four DSI or DALI outputs with an integrated real-time clock. The easy-to-use PC software enables a sequence of more than 200 scenes and individual blend and hold times to be programmed via the USB interface. The integrated real-time clock allows the program to be played back at a user-defined time. Playback is synchronized to the actual time even after a power failure. Alternatively, the program can be played back continually in an endless loop. There is also an option for connecting external switches for temporarily setting a fixed lighting scene, for example to provide emergency lighting or lighting for cleaners or to pause or continue the program sequence. It is also possible to connect a contact of a motion sensor or central on/off switch to activate output, and a 1-10 V input for overriding dimming via daylight sensors or external potentiometers.