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fc s.dmx 48d DMX controller

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The fc s.dmx 48d controller is an intelligent lighting control unit offering all the benefits of DMX512 technology. Up to 48 channels can be used for controlling DMX receivers. Use our free software to design your own light show – up to four dynamic sequences with any fade and hold times can be stored. Once programmed via a PC, the unit automatically replays the stored values as a stand-alone controller. It can be expanded with additional instruments such as timer switches and motion sensors to provide the basis for perfect performance.

Precise control over lighting effects and color-chases can create the right atmosphere is so many different applications such as the theatre, architecture, trade fairs, hotels, restaurants and artistic lighting installations. The controller can be quickly and easily connected to your PC via a null modem cable. DIN rail mounting and direct connection to the power supply ensure that the controller is easy to use.