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fc dsi 3e RGB DSI sequencer

feno control
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Colored light controller for DSI ballasts for additive color mixing with red, green and blue fluorescent lamps. The result is an automatic color chase from blue to turquoise, green, yellow, red and magenta with soft fading in an endless loop. The speed of the preprogrammed chase changes as a function of the analog 1-10 V input voltage. A linear 100 kΩ potentiometer can also be used. In the lowest potentiometer setting or at a control voltage of less than 1.2 V all the connected ECGs are switched off. A separate mains switch is not needed. If the control voltage is increased the chase at first runs at its highest speed and slows down as the voltage increases. At a control voltage of more than 9.8 V the current color is fixed and will not change again. Up to ten ECGs can be connected to each DSI output.