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feno control

Simple light sequencing control. Whether for DMX, DALI or DSI, with feno control you can programme and play back light sequences.


feno interface

Perfect control signal conversion. Multiple devices and with them different control signals to be connected to each other. With feno interface it’s simply no problem.


feno dim

Dim LED smoothly and reliably. Adapt LED to our sensitive eyes. With feno dim, you can control your LED projects smoothly and reliably.


feno led modules

Flexibly design light experiences. Design interior spaces or accentuate facades. feno led modules let you stage modern spaces full of experiences.


feno led engines

Easily integrate modern lighting. Successful lighting projects with high-end LED solutions – with feno led engines, you stand out.


feno software

feno software lets you programme your own light sequences and save them simply and conveniently to control devices in the feno control range.