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A newsworthy invitation from feno

fe spot 1610 w in the new SPIEGEL canteen

The lighting concept by pfarré lighting design for the canteen of the news magazine “Der Spiegel” has already won numerous awards and has just added the 2012 German Lighting Design Award to its collection. The secret of the success of this award winning design is feno technology. At the heart of the large pendant luminaires that illuminate the tables is a powerful fe spot 1610 w.

Expectations were naturally high for the lighting system in the publisher’s new building in Hamburg. The focus was not only on energy efficiency and sustainability but also on the atmosphere created in the canteen as the quality of light in this sensitive area plays an important role on the mood in the room and therefore on the mood of the employees. In the fine balancing act between efficiency and quality the light source must have a refreshing and stimulating effect.

The fe spot 1610 w provides and efficient way of meeting these requirements. Its small dimensions gave lighting designers a large amount of freedom. Its small power draw of no more than 12 W helped make the new headquarters of Der Spiegel an energy-neutral building. And thanks to feno’s know-how it is possible to us LED technology in high-quality ambient lighting applications without having to make compromises. Careful selection of high-power LEDs ensures that the fe spot 1610 w produces a quality of light – at a color temperature of 2700 K – that leaves nothing to be desired.

Like good journalism, the fe spot 1610 w not only sheds light in the dark but also puts the important things in the right light.

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