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Once again: James Turrell and feno illuminate the Far North

You can’t get enough of a good thing. The great success of the special exhibition SEE! COLOUR! 2011 in Järna, in the south of Stockholm, leads to a reopening in 2012. Starting May 26th, the Kulturforum Järna will present a selection of James Turrells works, including “Outside Insight”. James Turrell and feno realized the current northernmost Skyspace in 2011, which was also the first Skyspace in Sweden. 

With the special developed LED lighting and control system by feno, Skyspace visitors will have a lighting experience beyond compare. Colours go more gentle, seemingly imperceptible to the eye, into each other and more shades of colour than ever before can now be realized. In the words of James Turrell: "A light with power, yet with the most exquisite delicacy and control you can imagine." 

Whoever enters the Skyspace at dusk, is standing in a circular room with an also circular opening in its ceiling through which the sky seems as if it is painted. Viewing turns into a meditative act. The human perception of the sky will be fooled by the coloured light. 

In addition to the Skyspace, the reopening presents famous works such as "Bindu Shards", “Wedgework piece” and “Ganzfeld”.

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