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Measuring light

feno is a high-quality company. It constantly invests in the quality of its products. feno has once again taken a giant leap forward with its new and ultra-modern lighting laboratory. A high-end array spectrometer measures color location, brightness, saturation, CRI value and luminance. Everything from an individual LED to area light – automatically and with high precision. At the same time an infrared thermograph records the thermal output. The advantage is obvious. This means that the quality of the light can be assessed.

The highest quality can only be guaranteed on the basis of in-depth know-how. Precise measurement is essential for reliable products. Often, however, our rapidly expanding industry relies on external information rather than taking our own measurements. “Many users use external measurements or do not measure at all”, according to Christian Treff, Technical Manager at feno. feno has made itself independent thanks to its own lighting laboratory.

A simple video comparison is no substitute for the absolute data from a spectrometer. Calibration of ever-larger illuminated surfaces can only be achieved by spectrometer analysis. Replacement equipment can also be precisely programmed. And with its own measuring equipment feno is in a position to meet customer requirements on a more individual basis. For example, checking how the color location reacts to any rated current.

The lighting laboratory also improves efficiency. feno uses transmission measurements to determine the light output from materials and optics, and can therefore optimize the efficiency of its products. feno uses the lumen/watt efficiency measurement to make its products transparent and comparable. And also makes full use of the potential of modern lighting technology.

Probably the greatest benefit for feno is in the field of research. The measured data obtained from the lighting laboratory is used not only for quality assurance purposes but also as a starting point for new innovations. With the aid also of the thermal imaging camera, feno can create complex control algorithms in order to develop intelligent software for thermal compensation. The result is a new quality of light. The lighting laboratory therefore functions as an interface between the two sides of light: before light and beyond.